Mellanox MSX6518-NR 324-Port FDR capable modular chassis, includes 4 fans and 6 (N+N) power supplies ROHS6 Retail
Mellanox MSX6518-NR 324-Port FDR capable modular chassis, includes 4 fans and 6 (N+N) power supplies ROHS6 Retail
Product Code: NW-ML-MSX6518-NR
Manufacturer: Mellanox
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Mellanox InfiniBand Switch System Family
Mellanox MSX6518-NR 324 port FDR capable modular chassis includes 4 fans and 6 (N+N) power supplies ROHS6 Non-blocking configuration needs all spines

Manufacturer Part Number: MSX6518-NR
RoHS compliant

Features and Benefits:

SX6518 switch system provides the highest-performing fabric solution in a 16U form factor factor by delivering 36.3Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth with 170ns to 510ns port latency.

Scaling-Out Data Centers with Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) InfiniBand
Faster servers based on PCIe 3.0 combined with high-performance storage and applications that use increasingly complex computations, are causing data bandwidth requirements to spiral upward. As servers are deployed with next generation processors, High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments and Enterprise Data Centers (EDC) will need every last bit of bandwidth delivered with Mellanox’s next generation of FDR InfiniBand high-speed smart switches.

Sustained Network Performance
Built with Mellanox’s latest SwitchX® InfiniBand switch device, the SX6518 provides up to 324 56Gb/s full bi-directional bandwidth per port.
The SX6518 can scale as the number of nodes per cluster and the number of cores per node increases. This modular chassis switch provides an excellent price-performance ratio for medium to extremely large size clusters, along with the reliability and manageability expected from a director-class switch.

Why Software Defined Network (SDN)?
Data center networks have become exceedingly complex. IT managers cannot optimize the networks for their applications leading to high CAPEX/OPEX, low ROI and IT headaches. Mellanox InfiniBand SDN Switches ensure separation between control and data planes. InfiniBand enables centralized management and view of network. Programmability of the network by external applications and enable cost effective, simple and flat interconnect infrastructure.

Smart Switches for Smart Clusters
The SX6518 enables efficient computing with features such as static routing, adaptive routing, and congestion control. These features ensure the maximum effective fabric bandwidth by eliminating congestion hot spots.
The SX6518 delivers director-class availability required for mission-critical application environments. The leaf, spine blades and management modules, as well as the power supplies and fan units, are all hot-swappable to help eliminate down time.

SX6518 comes with an onboard subnet manager, enabling simple, out-of-the-box fabric bring-up for up to 648 nodes. The MLNX-OS™ software delivers complete chassis management, to manage the firmware, power supplies, fans, ports and other interfaces. MLNX-OS provides a license activated embedded diagnostic tool called Fabric Inspector to check node-to-node, node-to-switch connectivity and ensures the fabric health.
The SX6518 can also be coupled with Mellanox’s Unified Fabric Manager™ (UFM™) software for managing scale-out InfiniBand computing environments. UFM enables data center operators to efficiently provision, monitor and operate the modern data center fabric. UFM boosts applications performance and ensures that the fabric is up and running at all times.

–– Software Defined Network (SDN) support
–– Industry-leading, switch platform in performance, power, and density
–– Unlimited scalability across storage, application, and database servers
–– Quick and easy setup and management
–– Maximizes performance by removing fabric congestions
–– IPv6 Ready

–– 324 FDR (56Gb/s) ports in a 16U switch
–– 36.3 Tb/s aggregate switching capacity
–– 170ns to 510ns switching latency
–– Quality of Service enforcement
–– FDR/FDR10 support for Forward Error Correction (FEC)
–– N+N power supply option order

–– Comprehensive chassis management
–– Intuituve CLI and GUI for easy access
–– Fully managed by Mellanox Unified Fabric Manager (UFM)


Mellano x SX6518
–– 16U modular chassis
–– 18 QSFP InfiniBand ports per blade, up to 56Gb/s per QSFP
–– Aggregate data throughput 36.3 Tb/s
–– 170ns to 510ns port latency
–– Compliant with IBTA 1.21 and 1.3
–– Up to 8 switch partitions**
–– 256 to 4Kbyte MTU
–– Adaptive routing**
–– Congestion control**
–– Port mirroring**
–– 4x48K entry linear forwarding table
–– QSFP+ connectors (SFF-8436 and INF-8438i compliant)
–– Passive copper or active fiber cable
–– Fiber media adapters**
–– Per port status LEDs: Link, Activity
–– System status LEDs: System, thermal, voltages, fans
–– Port Error LED
–– UnitID LED**
Two Options:
–– 1KW hot swappable units with N+2 slots for redundancy
–– 1.6KW hot swappable units with N+N slots for redundancy (@220VAC only)
–– Input range: 90-264VAC
–– Frequency: 47-63Hz, single phase AC
–– ISO 7779
–– ETS 300 753
–– RoHS-6 compliant
–– 1-year warranty

This product is not refundable due to manufacturer return policy. We only replace or repair defective product by RMA procedure.

This product is special order, which takes longer to process and cannot be returned.

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