NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 Active GPU 706 MHz 2496 cores PCI Express 2.0 x16 900-22081-2220-000 5GB GDDR5 Computing Accelerators
NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 Active GPU 706 MHz 2496 cores PCI Express 2.0 x16 900-22081-2220-000 5GB GDDR5 Computing Accelerators
Product Code: VGA-NV-K20A
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
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NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Computing Accelerators - Active

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Features & Benefits:

The NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 graphics processing unit (GPU) active accelerator board is a PCI Express, dual-slot full height (4.376 inches by 10.5 inches) form factor computing module comprising of a single GK110 GPU. The Tesla K20 active accelerator is designed for workstations and offers a total of 5 GB of GDDR5 on-board memory and supports PCI Express Gen2.

The Tesla K20 can be configured by the OEM or by the end user to enable or disable ECC that can fix single-bit errors and detect double-bit errors. Enabling ECC will cause some of the memory to be used for the ECC bits, so the user available memory will decrease by 10%. On the Tesla K20, the register files, cache, and DRAM are ECC protected.

Accelerate your scientific and technical computing with NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 GPU Accelerators. Now developers and researchers can enjoy faster performance and more accessibility with the latest generation of Tesla K20 GPUs based on NVIDIA Kepler™, the world's fastest and most efficient high performance computing architecture. Try the NVIDIA® Tesla K20 GPU accelerators and speed up your application by up to 10X.

Main Specification


  • Number of processor cores: 2496

  • Processor core clock: 706 MHz

  • Package size: 45 mm × 45 mm 2397-pin flip chip ball grid array (S-FCBGA)


  • PCI Express Gen2 ×16 system interface

  • Physical dimensions: 4.376 inches × 10.5 inches, dual-slot

Display Connectors : None


Power Connectors : Two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors



  • Memory clock: 2.6 GHz

  • Memory bandwidth: 208 GB/sec

  • Interface: 320-bit
           1) Total board memory: 5 GB
           2) 20 pieces of 128M × 16 GDDR5, SDRAM

BIOS : 2Mbit Serial ROM


Board Configuration 


Tesla K20

Generic SKU reference




Package size GPU

45 mm × 45 mm 2397-pin S-FCBGA

Processor clock

706 MHz

Memory clock

2.6 GHz

Memory size

5 GB

Memory I/O

320-bit GDDR5

Memory configuration

20 pieces of 128M ×16 GDDR5 SDRAM

Display connectors


Power connectors

Two 6-pin PCI Express power connectors

Board power

~225 W

Form factor

Tesla Form Factor B (10.5 in length)

Thermal cooling solution

Active heat sink


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