GPU Solutions

Focusing on different applications such as Engineering & Science, Computational Finance, Media & Entertainment, Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Defense & Intelligence, and Oil & Gas, Acme Micro Systems provides a series of GPU solutions by combining brand servers and Nvidia® Tesla® & Quadro® cards together. Supermicro superserver, superworkstation, superblade, Dell PowerEdge, ASUS ESC2000 G2, ESC4000 G2, ESC8000, and TYAN are all included in our GPU solutions. Besides, Nvidia Tesla® C-series, M-series, K10, K20, K20X, K40, and Quadro® 6000, 5000 are also contained in different applications. Acme Micro Systems has helped develop three tier solutions under each industry for customers’ convenience, but customers are welcome to customize their GPU solutions via our configuration tool as well.

Supermicro SYS-4028GR-TR2
List Price: $4,540
Your Price: $4,540
Supermicro SYS-4028GR-TXR
List Price: $7,025
Your Price: $7,025
Supermicro SYS-4028GR-TRT2
List Price: $4,647
Your Price: $4,647
Supermicro SYS-2028GR-TR
List Price: $2,072
Your Price: $1,968
Supermicro SYS-1028GR-TR
List Price: $1,807
Your Price: $1,807