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Acme Micro Cluster Solution Makes Your Servers More Powerful than ever

A cluster is a group of independent computer systems, such as nodes, working together as a unified computing resource. A cluster provides a single name with a single administrative interface for clients to use, and it guarantees that data is consistent across nodes. We have Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron cluster servers.

Why do you need a cluster?

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Cluster parallel processing offers several important advantages:

  • High performance computing as a supercomputer
  • Low cost and easy installation compared to a Supercomputer
  • Failover and redundancy service: any broken unit does not influence the cluster
  • Flexible and scalable nodes: A cluster can be built from small and grow big later

What application can a cluster be used for?

Due to the power of cluster, it can be used in the following applications.

  • Simulation
  • Space science
  • Stock exchange
  • School campus

What Acme Micro can offer you?

In Acme Micro, we have a professional team helping you suggest the cluster solution for you at cost you feel comfortable with. Check out our scalable supercomputing solution - with up to 1500 nodes and 56/100Gbps networking, it is a high density design that can include Intel Xeon Phi™ or GPU nodes. Besides, we also provide Dell cluster solution with great service and support. Please Call 1-800-313-ACME or email us for more details.


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