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Innodisk SATADOM - Great Alternative Disk to Install OS

What is SATADOM?

SATADOM is a disk on module (DOM) with flash drive and SATA Interface to be used as a computer hard disk drive (HDD).  SATADOM can be used particularly within embedded computing systems, but it can also be applied in server, workstation, military systems, etc.

Innodisk SATADOM offer capacities from 128MB to 128GB. SATADOM D150Q supports SATA II standard (3.0Gb/s) interface with excellent data transfer rate; sustaining read 135MB/s (max.) and write 116MB/s (max.). Moreover, InnoDisk SATADOM is designed with enhanced functionalities and various small form-factors for 1U applications. SATADOM has built-in power at pin 7th SATA connector, thus can be connected to the SATA port without additional power cable. In addition, InnoDisk SATADOM has secure mechanical design that will improve data transfer reliability while the device is under operation.

SATADOM Advantages

  • Capacity ranging from 128MB to 64 GB

  • Higher performance & reliability than USB DOM & HDD

  • Designed with SLC NAND flash

  • Solution for space Issue, various small form factors designed to fit 1U Chassis
  • Optional Built-In Power on Pin 7 (Cable-Less)
  • Optional SMART Function (Monitors Product Life Cycle)
  • Available in both Standard Temperature & Wide Temperature** SATADOM D150Q with Pin7 VCC is designed with a fuse (polyswitch500mA, 6V) on Pin7's circuit.  

SATADOM Features

  • Zero Mechanical Interference

  • High Reliability

  • Anti-Vibration Connector Design

  • Build-in Power Pin Design

  • Intelligent Wear Leveling

  • Auto ECC Function

SATADOM Application

  • Enterprise Computing Application

  • Server Workstation

  • Embedded
  • Military Communication

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Center

  • Gaming

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