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   Rich Media, Post Production & Collaboration Storage

If you are about to start your multimedia production, editing, sharing, collaboration or surveillance solution, or anything related, you are at the right place.

Known for its enterprise-class hardware and software storage architecture with 25 years of experience in the storage industry, PROMISE is also committed to providing dynamic software defined storage solutions for vertical markets, including cloud and IT storage solutions, video surveillance storage solutions, rich media storage solutions and much more.  Acme Micro Systems, with more than 20 years in server industry, finds Promise as a powerful partner who can strengthen our server solutions by providing the world-class storage solutions, including SAN, NAS, Unified storage platform product lines.  What can bring to our synergy with PROMISE Technology is:

  • Fully THUNDERBOLT™ 2 Supported, such as Mac Pro, 4K environment, Photographers, Filmmakers, multimedia professionals, etc.
  • High performance, low latency access in a multiuser shared environment to create high efficiency environment for post production and video editing
  • The only Apple Qualified Storage Subsystem
  • Single, streamlined management software administers SAN & Storage
  • Turnkey Shared SAN and NAS Solution

Products & Solutions

With Promise professional storage products, Acme Micro Systems can provide the best storage solutions for Rich Media, Post Production, Video Editing, Enterprise, Datacenter, MAC OS X, etc.

Enterprise Storage

The PROMISE VTrak E-Class RAID subsystem is a High Availability RAID solution developed to meet the needs of enterprises using mission critical and creative applications.

  • VTrak A-Class: VTrak shared SAN appliance is ideal for ingest, editing, streaming, and processing from multi-users simultaneously.
  • VTrak Ex30 RAID Subsystems: Designed for Data Intensive Applications, Delivering a high performance, reliable enterprise-level storage architecture with GreenRAID
  • VTrak Ex10 Series: A family of intelligent, high availability SAS/SATA based RAID storage system that fundamentally changes storage economics from purchase and set up to operation and upgrades
  • VTrak Jx30 Expansion Chassis: Providing up to 24Gb/s of bandwidth over the external multilane 6G SAS host interface, the VTrak x30 series allows storage applications to access their data at blistering speeds.
  • VTrak Jx10 Series: Delivering an affordable high-performance SAS solution with advanced enterprise level reliability and functionality.

SMB Storage

VessRAID storage system is designed for Small-and-medium-sized businesses.  The VessRAID storage system is optimized for data-intensive industries including midsize to large scale surveillance installations or cloud datacenters where downtime is unacceptable and where large external storage capacity, support for on-demand expansion, long retention periods, and reliable high bandwidth throughput are a must.

  • Vess A2000 Series: High performance NVR storage appliances for IP video surveillance designed for installations of up to over one hundred full-HD IP cameras.
  • Vess R2000 Series: High availability unified storage solutions with Fibre Channel (8Gbps), NAS and iSCSI (1Gbps & 10Gbps) host connectivity in one box.

Solutions for OS X

The best solutions for people from the creative professionals needing enterprise class storage to the prosumers requiring external RAID desktop storage. The PROMISE Pegasus2 and SANLink2 series are a dynamic array of storage solutions with Thunderbolt™ 2 technology designed from the ground up for creative professionals and multimedia enthusiasts.

  • Pegasus2: The world’s first and fastest Thunderbolt™ 2 hardware RAID storage solution.
  • SANLink2: Its 10GBase-T allows a Thunderbolt™ 2 host computer to directly connect to 10Gbps ethernet.
  • Pegasus J2 or J4: The World's Fastest and Smallest Thunderbolt™ Enabled Storage
  • Pegasus R4: The First 4-bay and 6-bay High Performance Hardware RAID Solutions designed to unleash the raw power of Thunderbolt™ technology.

About PROMISE Technology Inc.

PROMISE Technology Inc. is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions tailor-made for the data center, surveillance, cloud, and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the unique demands of our customers, PROMISE has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprises, small to medium businesses, creative professionals, security integrators and many more.