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Acme Micro's Virtualization Solutions

People all know about the advantages of server virtualization, such as reducing the data center footprint, increasing uptime, extending the life of older applications, helping move things to the cloud, etc. However, having reliable, suitable servers is the requisite for virtualization.

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Acme Micro has several suggestions for customers to use for virtualization: from Dell PowerEdge servers, Supermicro 1U server, 2U server , or others, to Acme Micro RX208TF.  Acme Micro has been dedicated to developing computing servers for over 20 years. Our experienced engineers can help you to build the right VM machines to gain a competitive edge in your business.

The Future of the Cloud

Intel talks about the future of cloud like this:

" Inside every cloud is a server that receives requests for compute resources from end user devices and then dynamically responds without human intervention. 

Intel offers an array of server-based solutions and reseller support for the rapidly growing cloud computing market, so you can meet customer needs, increase overall margin and generate ongoing services revenue. "

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