Mellanox MSN2100-CB2RC SN2100 open Ethernet Switch 16-port QSFP 100GbE 2 PS Spectrum-based 1U C2P Airflow
Mellanox MSN2100-CB2RC SN2100 open Ethernet Switch 16-port QSFP 100GbE 2 PS Spectrum-based 1U C2P Airflow
Product Code: NW-ML-SN2100CB2RC
Manufacturer: Mellanox
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Mellanox Ethernet Switch System SN2100

Manufacturer Part Number: MSN2100-CB2RC            

1U Open Ethernet Switch with Cumulus Linux, 2 Power Supplies (AC), C2P airflow

-- QSFP28, SFP28 (with QSA) short and long range optics
– QSFP28 to QSFP28 DAC Cable
– QSFP breakout cables 100GbE to 4x25GbE  and 40GbE to 4x10GbE DAC, Optical
– QSFP breakout cables 100GbE to 2x50GbE  DAC, Optical


The SN2100 switch is an ideal spine and top of rack (ToR) solution, allowing maximum flexibility, with port speeds spanning from 10Gb/s to 100 Gb/s per port and port density that enables full rack connectivity to any server at any speed. The uplink ports allow a variety of blocking ratios that suit any application requirement.

Powered by the Mellanox Spectrum™ ASIC and packed with 16 ports running at 100GbE, the SN2100 carries a whopping switching capacity of 1.6Tb/s with a landmark 2.38Bpps processing capacity in a compact 1RU form factor.

Following the footsteps of the SwitchX®-2 basedsystems, the SN2100 enjoys the legacy of the field-proven MLNX-OS® operating system with a wide installed base and a robust implementation of data, control and management planes that drives the world’s most powerful data centers.


  • –
    – True cut through latency
    – Easy Scale from one to thousands of nodes and switches
    – Arranged and Organized Data Center
    * Supports speeds of 10/25/40/50/56/100GbE
    * Easy deployment
    * Easy maintenance
    – Unprecedented Performance
    * Line rate performance on all ports at all packet sizes
    * Storage and server applications run faster
    – Software Defined Networking (SDN) support
    – Running MLNX-OS, alternative operating systems over ONIE


  • – Wire Speed Switching
    • 1.6Tb/s
    • 2.38B packets-per-second
    – High Density
    • 16 40/56/100GbE ports in 1RU
    • Up to 64 10/25-ports up to 32 50GbE ports
    – Lowest Latency
    • 300nsec for 100GbE port-to-port
    • Flat latency across L2 and L3 forwarding
    – Lowest Power
    • Under 6 watts per port
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